Top 8 Places to Look for Scrap Copper

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Top 8 Places to Look for Scrap Copper

Copper is one of the most common metals scrappers will look for to sell at the scrap yard. It’s a highly sought-after commodity in the scrap metal recycling community because it’s worth a lot of money and can be found in a lot of different places. If you’re looking to find some copper to sell, try looking in some of these places. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places and appliances where you can find scrap copper.

1. Remodels and Demolition Sites

Are you or someone you know remodeling around the house or at work? Remodel and demolition sites are prime spots for scoring some extra scrap copper. One of the most valuable things you can look for at these sites is electrical wire. If the electrician isn’t scrapping the wire, ask if you can take it off their hands. Electrical wiring contains copper wires, and you can make good money for these at the scrap yard. If you want to make a bit more bang for your buck, consider stripping the wire before you go so that you can get a higher price per pound of copper wire.

2. Plumbing

If your pipes ever freeze in the winter and need to be replaced, you could make some extra cash for those busted pipes. Most pipes and plumbing materials, including parts of your water heater, are made from copper. Instead of throwing out these pipes and pieces when they need to be replaced, sell them to your local scrap yard. If you own the house or building, you have the right to ask the contractor to leave the leftover broken pipes for you. If your plumbing includes some brass, you can bring that to the scrap yard along with the copper for an extra bonus.

3. Statues and Décor

Did one of your well-meaning loved ones gift you a hideous copper statue that you can’t bring yourself to put on display? Instead of leaving it in the basement to collect dust, bring it to the scrap yard. Statues and décor made from copper can be worth a lot of money when you sell them as scrap copper. Not only will this clear up your cluttered storage space, but it will also land you some extra cash in your pocket—a win-win situation!

4. Appliances

If you are finally ready to replace that old appliance with a newer model, don’t throw it out! Appliances contain copper that you can sell as scrap. The older the appliance, the better, because older models contained more copper, which means more money in your pocket. Some common appliances that contain copper are washers, dryers, and refrigerators. Be aware that there may be laws in place that restrict which appliances can be scrapped. For example, appliances that contain freon (i.e., air conditioners and refrigerators) often need to be scrapped by certified professionals and shouldn’t be taken apart for scrap by consumers or scrap yards.

When you are dismantling your appliances for scrap copper, make sure you don’t neglect the other metals in there like steel. Selling these other scrap metals will earn you even more money when you go to the scrap yard.

5. Copper Roofs

Copper roofing has become pretty popular over the past couple of decades because of its long lifespan and environmental friendliness. If you or someone you know has a copper roof that needs to be replaced or repaired, keep an eye out for any scrap copper. Copper gutters are another common place you can find scrap copper when you replace or repair them. If some of your roofing pieces are coated in tar, make sure you separate them from the clean pieces so that you can get a higher price for the clean scrap copper.

6. Old Electronics

If you are desperate to find some extra scrap copper, dig your old electronics out of the attic and dust them off. You can open them up and cut out the copper wiring. Make sure you remove the small transformers off the end of the wires before you bring them to the scrap yard. All this work is quite tedious because the wires are so small, and you’ll need a lot to get a high enough copper yield to make it worth the effort. But, if your wallet is too thin and you need a little extra cash, this is one place you can turn to find some scrap copper.

7. Old Computers

Ever since the switch to tablets and smartphones, you probably don’t have much use for your old desktop computer anymore. Instead of trashing it, open up the computer tower to find some copper wires to sell. The scrap yard will buy the ribbon wire and smaller copper wires you salvage. You probably won’t be able to strip the wires to reach the copper inside, but some scrap yards will buy the wires at the price of computer wire scrap. You might be able to collect up to one or two pounds of wire per computer tower, which can really add up when combined with your other scrap copper. Inside of old computers you can also often find copper heatsinks that you can sell as copper scrap.

8. Kitchen Paraphernalia

Just about every kitchen will have some sort of copper. Copper pots and pans are fairly common, so check the cupboard for old ones you no longer use. Before you bring these copper pots and pans to the scrap yard, check the handles with a magnet to see if the screws are magnetic. If they are, then they are made of steel and should be separated from the copper. This will let you get more money for the steel if sold separate from the copper. Kitchen decorations may also contain copper that you can sell for scrap at the scrap yard.

Get the Most for Your Copper Scrap at Roane Metals Group

So, you’ve collected all the scrap copper you can find and are now ready to bring it to a scrap yard to earn some cash. To get the most bang for your scrapping buck, make sure your copper is separated from your other scrap metals, and strip the coating from copper wires if you can. All of this will ensure you get the highest price for your copper.

Here at Roane Metals Group, we do everything we can to pay you the best price possible for your scrap metal and make the process as easy as it can be. To make some extra cash on the scrap copper and other scrap metals you find laying around, bring your metal by one of our two conveniently located scrap yards in Crossville or Rockwood. If you have any questions about selling your scrap, give us a call at 865-354-4282 or visit our website.