Tennessee Vehicle Scrapping Regulations

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Tennessee Vehicle Scrapping Regulations

In 2016, Tennessee salvage metal processors were affected by increased legal regulations concerning vehicle scrapping. These laws were created to protect consumers who were concerned about how easily a car could be stolen and then quickly turned into scrap prior to the police finding the missing car. Tennessee, as well as all other states, have specific requirements when taking a vehicle to a scrap yard. These regulations protect not only the processor, but also the scrap yard customer. Read more about what is required in Tennessee before you can turn your automobile into scrap metal.

Vehicle Scrapping Regulations

Scrap metal dealers who buy and re-purpose metals are required by law to be registered with the Department of Commerce and Insurance. This protects the customer by ensuring the metal processor has not been in violation of illegal scrapping, nor has employees who have been convicted of any theft, burglary, or vandalism.

When taking a car in to be turned into scrap metal, a customer must have a valid Tennessee driver’s license, be over the age of 18, and give an impression of the right thumbprint at the time of scrapping. (If the right thumbprint is unable to be accessed, then the left thumb or another finger will be taken and noted.) The scrap metal processor will record all the information from the driver’s license and make a photocopy of the driver’s license. The license plate number, make, and model of the car driven to the yard will also be taken. If the vehicle is a commercial vehicle, then the business name to which the vehicle belongs will also need to be provided. If a driver’s license is not presented, the processor will request another state or federally issued identification, photograph the individual selling the metal to be scrapped, and record pertinent information from the identification. The scrap yard processor cannot make a transaction with any individual who does not present a form of state or federally issued identification.

The vehicle to be salvaged must be presented at the scrap yard with the title, unless the vehicle is older than twelve years. However, even if the vehicle is older than twelve and a title is not presented, a Title Substitution Form will need to be filled out. After a three-day holding time, the scrap yard will be able to crush the car. One option is that a title search can be performed for as little as $5. As the vehicle is being processed, the scrap yard will check a database of stolen VIN numbers to see if the VIN on the car matches one that has been reported stolen.

The scrap metal processor must keep all the records of vehicle purchase, name of seller, amount paid, and weight of each type of scrap metal. These records must be detailed and maintained within a database approved by the Department of Commerce and Insurance.

When the vehicle is brought in to be salvaged, please note that deductions will be made for the following on vehicles and equipment:

  • Oil/fuel remaining
  • No hole in tank (hole is required in gas tank)
  • Excessive tires (more than 4 per car, 30lbs each)
  • Trucks and equipment, all tires
  • If titles on car are 12+ years old, money is deducted for VIN search

Roane Metals Scraps Vehicles

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