Summertime Scrap

unused garden and lawn tools that could be taken to scrap

Summertime Scrap

Summertime is full of fun moments for friends and family. Between beach trips, lazy days on the lake, backyard barbecues, or Fourth of July fireworks, it seems like there’s always a reason to celebrate in these warmer months. So, if you’re looking to spruce up your backyard or make a little extra cash for that last minute vacation, Roane Metals Group has a way to help you get your yard clean and fill your pockets with a little extra green. There are five things in your backyard that you can make some cash off this summer by taking them to a scrap metal yard to be recycled.  

5 Things in Your Backyard You Can Scrap for Cash

Your Old Grill 

For many of us this summer, we are going to be spending a lot of our weekends barbecuing for friends and family, but if your rusty, old, propane grill is in danger of ruining your cookout, take it over to a scrap yard for recycling and put that extra cash into buying a better one. Many grills are made of stainless steel and aluminum, which are prime scrap metals that all recycling groups look for, so you are guaranteed to make a decent chunk of cash off your junky old grill. You can even bring in any old stainless steel grilling tools that need to be replaced, too. Scrubbers and tongs can get worn down over time and trap years’ worth of grime and muck in them. But even if they’re dirty, your scrap metal recycling yard will still take them, so why not make a little extra cash off these old tools, too.  

The only thing you need to keep in mind if you are planning to take your old propane grill to the scrap metal yard for recycling is that you will have to remove the propane tank first. Make sure you have emptied it, and then you can either take it back to the place where you bought it or to a company that specializes in hazardous materials. There’s no need to worry about this step if you are bringing in a charcoal grill, obviously. Think of it this way: if you are going to be spending a lot of your summertime in front of the grill, shouldn’t you make sure that you have one that you love?  

The Lawnmower Crowding Your Garden Shed 

You know that exhaust-belching old gasoline mower of yours is out of date. Go ahead and bring it along with you to the scrap metal yard for recycling, too. Nowadays, there are a lot more environmentally friendly mowers out there to pick from—whether it’s electric or push powered. Even if you do still want a gasoline-powered lawn mower, there’s going to be better ones out there with more efficient engines that can get the job done in half the time. This summer, scrap your old mower and get a new one so you can spend less time sweating out your Saturday mornings and start spending more time on that hammock you swore you’d use more this year. Just make sure that you drain the engine of any fuel that might still be in your lawnmower before you take it to get weighed.  

Out-of-Date Patio Furniture 

Summer mornings always just seem like the perfect time to start a new project, so why not make yours sprucing up the patio or the lawn? You’re going to be out there all summer, anyway. Use the extra cash from recycling your old patio and lawn furniture to help make your backyard the spot to hang out this summer and a place to show off your hosting skills.  

Lawn and patio furniture doesn’t last forever and doesn’t exactly age well, either. Years of weathering from summer rains and bleaching from the sun eventually takes its toll on your fold-up lawn chairs, bistro tables, and garden benches. The metal corrodes and rusts. It begins to oxidize. And no matter how many times you pressure wash it, that lawn and patio furniture still just doesn’t look like how it once did. Whether it’s cast iron, wrought iron, or stainless steel, a scrap yard will be more than happy to take it off your hands.  

Backyard Décor and Fencing 

Maybe you’ve had a change of heart about those avant-garde reclaimed metal lawn sculptures, or it’s time to get rid of the iron gnome and ornamental frogs the in-laws gave you a while back. Are those globe lights on the porch with all that copper wiring starting to go out? Is it time to get rid of the cast- iron, above-ground fire pit? Maybe you’re planning on upgrading from that old, aluminum chain-link fence to something a touch homier. All these items can be taken over to a scrap metal yard for recycling. Not only will you be helping keep these metals out of landfills, but you will also make some extra money that can go into funding any of your summer getaways or maybe an unforgettable night in with friends.  

The Above-Ground Pool 

That steel or aluminum above-ground pool in your backyard has seen better days. Maybe the kids are all grown up now and don’t use it much anymore. Perhaps the upkeep is getting to be too much on your back (and/or your pockets). Whatever the reason, you can make some decent cash off all that scrap metal sitting in your backyard, waiting to be recycled. Taking it apart might be a challenge, but if you lure your friends over with pizza or beers you should be able to get some extra help in dismantling the pool. Roane Metals could also be of some assistance to you with this project. Our roll-off metal recycling bins are perfect for collecting large pieces of scrap metal that can’t be loaded into a trunk. We show up with the bin, you fill it, and then we pick it up when you’re through. When you’re done, you will feel like you have a whole new backyard, and that lump of cash in your wallet will feel pretty great, too.  

Send Your Summertime Scrap Metal to Roane Metals 

No matter what season, Roane Metals Group is here to help you with all your scrap metal recycling needs. With quality service from our team of knowledgeable metal recyclers, our staff here at Roane Metals is guaranteed to help you get the highest price for your scrap metal. And if you’ve got a business that you know has plenty of scrap metal that can be recycled, get it in on the summer fun, too! Roane Metals also offers commercial partnerships that can boost your business’s profits and help you declutter your workspace. Visit our website today to check out all our scrapping guidelines, or pay a visit to one of our locations in Rockwood, or Crossville, Tennessee, to learn more about what you can get for your old scrap metal today.