Scrap Metal Laws in Tennessee

Scrap Metal Laws in Tennessee

Roane Metals Group makes this information about scrap metal laws in Tennessee available as a resource or supplement to applicable laws. This article is intended to summarize these scrap metal laws and is not intended as legal advice.

Scrap metal is mostly waste waiting to get turned into cash, and some metals, such as copper, can be very valuable. Unfortunately, this leads to metal theft, which can lead to severe problems, including power blackouts, destruction of priceless statues, disruption to railway traffic, and traffic accidents. In Ohio, a man even died because thieves had been stealing copper telephone wire in the area, making emergency calls difficult to impossible from his family’s home landline. While the majority of scrap metal laws are geared towards preventing metal theft by making it harder to sell stolen metal, there are also many other scrap metal laws in Tennessee intended to protect the environment and safety of the public.

Metal Theft in Tennessee

All 50 states in the US have adopted new laws aimed at combating the growing problem of metal theft. These laws affect all metals recycling facilities in the state, which is defined as anyone engaged in processing ferrous or nonferrous metals into raw metals. Managed by the Department of Commerce and Insurance, scrap dealers must register as a scrap metal business every two years. Part of this process, aimed at curbing metal theft in Tennessee, requires registrants to declare if they have been previously convicted of a criminal offense involving the theft, burglary, or vandalism involving scrap metal. Additionally, scrap metal dealers agree to perform “a reasonably diligent inquiry” of sellers of metal to ensure that they have the legal right to sell the scrap metal.

Metal Theft Costs

Metal theft costs the US economy an estimated $1 billion annually. Thus, legislators across the country have been enacting new laws which prevent metal theft. Because they are primarily a state law matter, these scrap metal laws differ from state to state. However, for those looking to turn your scrap metal into cash in Tennessee, here are the rules that will govern the transaction.

  • All scrap metal dealers and yards must keep a copy of all transactions for three (3) years.
  • Scrap metal yards must take a fingerprint of the person selling the materials.
  • Scrap metal yards must make a copy of your Tennessee driver’s license and record your license plate number.
  • Metal recycling companies can’t pay cash for certain types of scrap metal. Instead, they must give you a check or money order.

While these rules may seem like a hassle, they are geared towards protecting the public at large by giving local law enforcement the tools to investigate thefts. As long as the metal is valuable, there’s no way to prevent theft 100%, but hopefully, these tools will help curtail metal theft, if thieves are aware that they’ll have a difficult, if not impossible, time selling it.

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Scrap Metal Laws in Tennessee

The metal recycling industry is not only vital to environmental protection but is also a massive economic engine for almost every developed country in the world. Due to its importance and value, countries from Australia to the United States have adopted laws that attempt to eliminate outlets where thieves can sell stolen metals such as copper, aluminum, and bronze. For honest sellers, however, the process of trading in scrap metal for money isn’t a hassle. When selling scrap metal, make sure you bring a government issued, photo ID such as your driver’s license and be prepared to have a thumbprint impression taken and explain how you acquired the metal. Also be aware that some types of metal such as copper or catalytic converters require scrap metal dealers to issue a check or money order to the address on your ID or driver’s license.

Tennesse Scrap Metal Recyclers and Dealers

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