Retail Fixtures You Didn’t Know Where Scrap Worthy

retail fixtures on their way to roane metals to be scrapped

Retail Fixtures You Didn’t Know Where Scrap Worthy

When remodeling your retail store or relocating to a new location, this is usually the time that business owners upgrade their store fixtures. If you are changing the layout of your fixtures and run into the prospect of getting rid of old shelving or slate walls, you could try and sell them online or through a liquidation sale. However, these sales typically only produce a fraction of their actual value.

Alternatively, metal shelves, racks, stands, and other retail display fixtures can be sold for scrap metal at a local metal recycling company. In some situations, you can actually earn more selling these retail fixtures for scrap than by selling them to a third party. Here are the retail fixtures that your department store, clothing store, specialty retailer, or garage can sell for scrap.

Retail Store Shelves 

Pound for pound, retail store shelves are usually the most valuable retail fixtures many stores own. Metal Slatwall, grid walls, pegboards, and wall standards are typically made of aluminum or stainless steel and can all be sold for scrap metal. Retail store shelves also usually have several metal accessories, and fasteners used to secure them to the wall or gondola system. These metal accessories can even net store owners’ extra cash.     

Checkout & Sales Counters

Just like metal store shelves, checkout counters are typically made of aluminum or stainless steel. Even if they are powder-coated or painted, they can be turned in for scrap metal wherever it is accepted.

Retail Display Cases

Retail display cases come in many forms, and while only the metal is recoverable, they can still fetch a hefty sum at the metal scrap yard.

Clothing Racks

Clothing racks are usually made of aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. Even if your store’s clothing racks are coated or painted, they can also be sold for scrap metal.

Shopping Carts

Many retail operations have an abundance of shopping carts for consumers to transport their purchased goods. Traditional metal shopping carts are made of a combination of heavy-duty steel, cold-rolled steel wire, and zinc plating. All these metals are accepted at scrap metal yards. Metal shopping baskets are typically made of the same thing and acceptable to sell for scrap.


Commonly referred to as e-scrap, old PC towers, laptops, hard drives, and power supplies can net some serious cash when scrapping. Nearly every type of electronics from scanners to computers used for transactions can be turned in for scrap. E-scrap is typically broken down into its metal components, which can be melted down to make new electronic components.  

Warehouse Shelving

Just like the shelving in the front of the store, if you have a stock room, storage area, or warehouse where you store goods, these materials can also net extra cash by sending them to the scrap yard. Warehouse shelving is usually heavier, thicker, and made out of steel, and so chances are that you can earn more from warehouse shelves than the retail shelves.

Store closings

Whether your closing a retail store down by choice or out of necessity, selling your store fixtures for scrap metal can help better recapture your company’s initial investment. Roane Metals Group helps stores that are closing by providing roll-off pickup and dump trailer services. Because we own a private trucking fleet, we can provide your industrial operations with truly customized solutions that meet your transportation and logistics needs.

Where to Scrap Retail Fixtures

So, as you can see, nearly every metal store fixture that you have can be sold for scrap metal. While you can take these items to any metal recycling company in Tennessee, Roane Metals Group can arrange to pick these items up from you at no extra charge. This convenience factor, coupled with the highest scrap values you can find, makes Roane Metal Group a top choice when choosing a metal recycling company to sell your retail fixtures. We service most areas in Middle and East Tennessee. Contact us online or by calling (865) 354-4282 in the Greater Rockwood area or (931) 707-0907 in the Greater Crossville area today to schedule a metal recycling pickup.