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Tennessee Vehicle Scrapping Regulations

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In 2016, Tennessee salvage metal processors were affected by increased legal regulations concerning vehicle scrapping. These laws were created to protect consumers who were concerned about how easily a car could be stolen and then quickly turned into scrap prior to the police finding the missing car. Tennessee, as well as all other states, have specific requirements when taking a vehicle to a scrap yard. These regulations protect not only the processor, but also the scrap yard customer. Read more about what is required in Tennessee before you can turn your automobile into scrap metal.

Refrigerant Removal and the Scrapping Process

car air conditioning vent

The Clean Air Act (CAA) establishes rules for the manufacturing, handling, and recycling of products containing ozone-depleting substances (ODS). Scrap metal yards recycle items that contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) which are used as refrigerants in many products that can be turned into scrap metal. While it is illegal to vent or release refrigerant into the environment, it is not impossible to remove, and the process will save you money when taking an appliance to a scrap metal yard.

How Will Tariffs Affect Scrap Metal Prices?

Scrap metal prices possibly affected by tariffs

The new tariffs imposed on steel and aluminum imports have been debated feverishly in the mainstream news cycle since they were imposed this year. While the primary goals of the tariffs were to “even the international playing field” and to defend American business and workers, some business entities are worried about adverse effects of the new laws. The scrap metal industry is a type of business that is relatively close to main street and one that has the potential to affect everyday consumers. With that in mind, let’s have a closer look at the effects of President Donald Trump’s tariffs

How to Quickly Process and Get Paid for Copper

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In recent years increased theft of copper gained attention nationally. From taking wiring from electrical power stations to robbing middle-class homes, miles and miles of copper were stolen, making it a $1 billion issue. The reason copper became the go-to metal of thieves is that it was easily available and prices for scrap copper remain relatively high, almost $3 a pound, due to a high demand for the metal for wiring and plumbing, as well as new energy systems and the rechargeable-battery revolution. Each state has established scrap metal laws and procedures that sellers are required to adhere to when

The Making of Rebar

Scrap metal recycling to help with the construction of rebar for industries.

Roane Metals Group buys, sells, and salvages ferrous and non-ferrous metals from individuals, as well as from industries. Within our scrap metal re-purposing services, one of the things we provide is taking scrap metal and preparing it to be re-purposed into rebar, and this is one of the most important recycling processes in the world. The scrap metal collected at our sites in Rockwood and Crossville in East Tennessee is taken to another company in Knoxville, Gerdau, and then turned into rebar.

Meet Roane Metals Group

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If it’s metal, we are almost certain we can recycle it for you. At Roane Metals Group, we buy, sell, and salvage ferrous and non-ferrous metals from individuals, as well as from industries. We pride ourselves as stewards of environmentalism by creating an opportunity for East Tennessee to be cleaner and greener. Commercial Metal from HVAC? Automobile repair? Home build? Electrical work? We can recycle it. We are conveniently located to purchase metals from a-to-z – literally aluminum to zinc. As a business entity, we can improve your bottom line by recycling your metal and turning it into operating revenue.