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The Life of Steel: From Birth to Rebirth

A crane in a scrap metal yard in east tennessee picking up various scrap metals, such as aluminum and steel

Steel is an alloy made from iron and carbon. It is the number one most widely used and most recycled metal, and it is among one of the strongest materials manufactured today. Because steel is 100% recyclable, its life cycle is practically endless, making it a very unique material. Most materials downgrade in quality each time they are recycled, but steel fully maintains all of its properties and can be recycled an endless number of times. Today, most steel is produced from existing scrap steel. However, all steel had to originate from iron ore at one point in time. Here

What is a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)?

What is a materials recovery facility and what does it do featured image

A Materials Recovery Facility, or MRF (pronounced “murf”), is an important part of both residential and commercial recycling programs. MRFs are facilities that separate and prepare materials for recycling. These facilities receive mixed materials and then sort those materials by type so that they can be shipped to recyclers and other phases of the recycling process.

Environmental & Economic Benefits of Copper Recycling

spool of copper that was created from recycled copper

Copper has been an integral part of civilization for almost a hundred centuries, and there are indications that copper has been recycled since the beginning of its use. The quality of copper does not degrade when it is recycled, so it can be recycled over and over again. This means some of the copper we use today could have been originally fabricated thousands of years ago. Because of its versatility, copper is a valuable metal that is much sought after by scrap metal recyclers. One of the characteristics that makes copper so useful is that it is second only to

Scrap Yards Near Me: What to Know Before I Go

Roane Metals Group Check-in East Tennessee

Stacked up discarded cars, mounds of aluminum cans, miles of wound up wiring, and the constant roar of forklifts and cranes, these are all common sights and sounds of the scrap yard near me. But don’t be fooled by the humble settings, scrap yards play an important role in many industries when it comes to creating new metal from scrap rather than extracting it from ores. Plus, on an individual level, scrap yards can play an important role in putting more cash in your pocket. Here are a few things you may want to know before visiting a scrap metal

Reasons Why Stainless Steel Is So Valuable

Scrap metal recycling plant in east tennessee near knoxville, tn.

Scrap metal is in high demand, and this reason alone makes it worth your time to gather the metals at your home, office, or job site and take them to a scrap metal yard. One particular metal has been providing revenue to buyers and scrappers alike for over 100 years. Since the early 1900s, when stainless steel was first introduced, it has become one of the most versatile, most used, and most valuable metals. This versatile material can be found almost everywhere—making it easy to find, recycle, and get paid for scrapping!

Why do Scrap Metal Prices Fluctuate?

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Lately, the scrap metal industry has been experiencing low prices. It is no surprise that scrap metal prices fluctuate, and this has been a source of frustration for those looking to recycle scrap metal. The price of scrap metal is affected by a multitude of variables, with some pulling up on the price while others pull down at the same time. The calculation of all these variables to determine their effects on the price of scrap is complicated, but we have simplified these effects so you can have a better understanding of why these prices change and when the best

6 Place to Find Common Scrap Metal in Your Home

Various car parts and metal pieces that could be scrapped at a scrap metal recycling center near me

If you’re in the need for some extra cash, then selling common scrap metal around your home is a surefire, quick way to make some money by turning your scrap into cash. Scrap metal includes copper, steel, brass, aluminum, and even iron. These metals can be sold quickly to a scrap metal recycler near you giving you extra money in your pocket. Best part? You come across these metals in your everyday life. Often, they are tossed into the garbage as unwanted and non-usable waste, so next time you’re about to toss out that item made of metal pause and

How Hurricanes Affect Scrap Metal Prices

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Hurricane Season for the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean stretches from the beginning of June until the end of November each year. With it, weather patterns forming over the Atlantic bring in devastating winds and torrential flooding which displaces coastal communities and brings destruction. We’re often left to measure the fury of hurricanes in the Northern-Western hemisphere by the billions of dollars of destruction they bring. Each major hurricane or extreme weather event indeed leaves a lasting imprint on the economy. While numerous studies have been performed on how hurricanes impact wealth in general, some individuals have

Tips for Preparing for Industrial Metal for Recycling

From metal fabrication to industrial plant ownership, cost reduction within many industries continues to be a priority, even when there are booms in the economy overall. At the end of a commercial build or a site clean-up, many manufacturers and associated businesses are utilizing the benefits of recycling metals to reduce costs. The demand for ferrous materials continues to increase in production and manufacturing while the role of non-ferrous metals is playing an increasing role within architectural design due to their lightweight durability. So, when the final job is over how do you get your metals ready for recycling while