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Scrap This, Not That!

knowing what is scrap worthy and not is important when visiting a scrap yard near me - photoed here is a bunch of car parts that were scrapped at a knoxville scrap yard

Perhaps you’ve been working on some fall cleaning and need to dump a bit of that clutter accumulating around the house. Maybe you’ve picked through the crème de la crème, tagging and bagging those prime pieces to sell off, only to find yourself in that most unenviable of situations: simply trashing the rest, or plotting giveaways to friends, neighbors and twice-removed relatives.

What is It? A Guide to Identifying Scrap Metals

scrap metal in an east tennessee scrap metal recycling knoxville tennessee

Those who are new to scrap metal recycling often have a difficult time figuring out what the different scrap metals are. It’s helpful to be able to identify different types of scrap metal so that you can properly sort it and get the most money possible when you sell it to a scrap yard. While you do have the option of bringing all your scrap metal to the scrap yard in one heap, you can sometimes get more money if different types of metals are weighed separately. Here is a guide you can use to identify different scrap metals so

Retail Fixtures You Didn’t Know Where Scrap Worthy

retail fixtures on their way to roane metals to be scrapped

When remodeling your retail store or relocating to a new location, this is usually the time that business owners upgrade their store fixtures. If you are changing the layout of your fixtures and run into the prospect of getting rid of old shelving or slate walls, you could try and sell them online or through a liquidation sale. However, these sales typically only produce a fraction of their actual value.

5 Debunked Myths About Scrap Metal Recycling

there are many myths around scrap metal recycling procedures

If you are new to scrap metal recycling, you will likely search online to find answers to your questions. There is a lot of useful information on the internet about what you can and cannot scrap and the best ways to scrap different items, but some of what you will find is untrue. To help you discern between what is true and false, we have made a list of some of the most common scrap metal myths with explanations about why they are not true.

The Life of Steel: From Birth to Rebirth

A crane in a scrap metal yard in east tennessee picking up various scrap metals, such as aluminum and steel

Steel is an alloy made from iron and carbon. It is the number one most widely used and most recycled metal, and it is among one of the strongest materials manufactured today. Because steel is 100% recyclable, its life cycle is practically endless, making it a very unique material. Most materials downgrade in quality each time they are recycled, but steel fully maintains all of its properties and can be recycled an endless number of times. Today, most steel is produced from existing scrap steel. However, all steel had to originate from iron ore at one point in time. Here

What is a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)?

What is a materials recovery facility and what does it do featured image

A Materials Recovery Facility, or MRF (pronounced “murf”), is an important part of both residential and commercial recycling programs. MRFs are facilities that separate and prepare materials for recycling. These facilities receive mixed materials and then sort those materials by type so that they can be shipped to recyclers and other phases of the recycling process.

Environmental & Economic Benefits of Copper Recycling

spool of copper that was created from recycled copper

Copper has been an integral part of civilization for almost a hundred centuries, and there are indications that copper has been recycled since the beginning of its use. The quality of copper does not degrade when it is recycled, so it can be recycled over and over again. This means some of the copper we use today could have been originally fabricated thousands of years ago. Because of its versatility, copper is a valuable metal that is much sought after by scrap metal recyclers. One of the characteristics that makes copper so useful is that it is second only to