Mistakes to Avoid When Scrap Metal Recycling

A crane in a scrap metal yard in east tennessee picking up various scrap metals, such as aluminum and steel

Mistakes to Avoid When Scrap Metal Recycling

Picture this: You’re looking at a pile of scrap metal you’ve accumulated from your demo project, home remodel, or work site. You’re thinking to yourself, “I know I can make some money on this scrap metal instead of tossing it in the landfill.” But you don’t know where to begin, and your fear of making a mistake is dampening the dollar signs you see by cashing in with scrap metal recycling.

Believe it or not, so many people miss out on earning money with scrap recycling because they’re not sure where to begin or if they’ll make a mistake. They don’t realize scrap metal recycling with Roane Metals is a simple way to make cash on metal products that were otherwise headed for the landfill.

If you’re ready to get started making cash with metal recycling, here are five common mistakes and how you can avoid them to make your scrap recycling simple and easy.

1. Improperly preparing your scrap metal

Don’t make the mistake of coming to the scrap yard unprepared. When you’re preparing your scrap metals for recycling, there are four key things to consider:

– Separating your scrap metals

– Knowing what types of metals you have

– Cleaning your metals

– Estimating the market price of your metals

Regardless of the type of metal you bring, something you’ll want to do is be sure your metals are free of residue, insulation, or superfluous materials before you bring metal to the scrap yard. This will help guarantee your metals are accepted easily, and you get the best price.

2. Not understanding scrap metal grades

When you’re selling your scrap metal and want to get the best possible price, avoid making the mistake of not knowing how to sort your scrap into different scrap metal grades. For example, insulated copper wire has three different grades, depending on how heavy the insulation is versus the weight of the copper inside. This type of copper wire is different from solid copper, which has two different grades.

This will help you better understand exactly what you can expect to be paid for your scrap metal.

3. Using the wrong recycling company

There is a wide range of scrap yards to take your scrap metal, and you don’t want to waste time on the wrong one. To choose the best scrap yard for your metal recycling, look for one that:

– Accepts a wide range of metals

Don’t waste time going to a scrap yard that won’t accept the metal you have. Be sure to call ahead to see what metals you can bring. At Roane Metals, we accept a wide range of metals, including copper, steel, brass, iron, lead, and others.

– Has a convenient location(s) with flexible hours

This is critical to making scrap metal recycling work on your schedule. Roane Metals has two convenient locations, Rockwood and Crossville, to provide the best options for our clients.

– Prioritizes customer service

For contractors or other professionals who routinely have scrap metal as part of their profession, choosing a scrap yard can be an important partnership for your business. We invite you to consider the Roane Metals Group.

– Pays great prices

Pricing is, of course, a major factor when choosing a scrapyard. Do your research on market prices and check these against the prices offered by each scrap dealer. At Roane Metals, we provide the highest pay for your metal sales.

4. Not separating scraps before going to the recycling center

This is a definite mistake that can cost you a lot of cash. Different metals are worth varying amounts, so be sure you’re getting the most for your metal scraping time by categorizing your different metals. A great way to begin understanding what metals you have is to start by categorizing your scrap as ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These are the two main categories of recyclable metals. A simple way to tell the difference is with a magnet. Most ferrous metals (stainless steel, cast iron) are magnetic, while non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, nickel) are not.

5. Not understanding the current pricing you will receive

Scrap metal prices fluctuate routinely, and not knowing them could leave you bringing in a load of scrap to be recycled without having any clue how much you’ll make from it. In any situation, it pays to be a little educated ahead of time. Take some time to learn about current metal recycling prices before your scrap yard visit. Knowledge of the scrap metal market will help you understand the frequency of common changes in prices for each type of metal.

Also, prices for scrap metal are related to local demand, as well as local quantity, so be sure to give your scrap yard a call ahead of time so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Scrap Metal Recycling in East Tennessee

Scrap metal recycling can be profitable without becoming an overwhelming chore on your to-do list. If you avoid these common mistakes, take the time to understand the metals you have, organize and clean them, and find people or companies looking to get rid of these unwanted materials, you can easily turn scrap metal into cash.

Here at Roane Metals Group, we buy a wide range of metals, and our experienced and highly trained staff wants to give you the best bang for your scrapping buck with our honest scales to maximize your payout. If you have scrap metal and you’re ready to cash in, come by one of our two conveniently located East Tennessee scrap yards in Rockwood and Crossville. To find out more about recycling your scrap, give us a call at 865-354-4282 today.