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Roane Metals Group East Tennessee Scrap Metal

Meet Roane Metals Group

If it’s metal, we are almost certain we can recycle it for you. At Roane Metals Group, we buy, sell, and salvage ferrous and non-ferrous metals from individuals, as well as from industries. We pride ourselves as stewards of environmentalism by creating an opportunity for East Tennessee to be cleaner and greener.


Metal from HVAC? Automobile repair? Home build? Electrical work? We can recycle it. We are conveniently located to purchase metals from a-to-z – literally aluminum to zinc. As a business entity, we can improve your bottom line by recycling your metal and turning it into operating revenue. We offer a full range of services including flatteners, trailers, containers, and roll-off service. Our Commercial page highlights the extent of our scrap metal recycling services.


For industrial and manufacturing companies that generate scrap metal as a by-product of manufacturing, we deliver management solutions to maximize the value of industrial scrap. We buy and sell recycled materials which are in turn used to manufacture steel, aluminum, electronics, and more. We own a private trucking fleet, and from this we can provide your industrial operations with customized roll-off, dump trailer services, and more. Industrial services can be found here.

Individuals and Groups

Old sheds, extraneous appliances, random scrap metal? We solve this by making it easy to sell everyday recyclable metals. First, we warmly welcome anyone to our site by a professional attendant who will be waiting to look over your recyclable items, take your license and vehicle information, and then advise where you are to take your vehicle or trailer to be weighed on industrial scales. After your metals are weighed, the attendant will direct you where to drive for unloading. Lastly, you will head back to the scale to get weighed one final time, and then you can get paid. Your unwanted scrap just made you money. Pretty nice, we think. You can learn more about these services here.

Roane Metals Group East TN Scrap Metal Recycling

Recycling your unwanted scrap could not be easier. You can feel better knowing that you are freeing up the environment for greater good, by visiting Roane Metals Group today. Our locations are convenient to Knoxville, Morristown, and Chattanooga. To inquire more, call us at 865-354-4282, contact us online HERE, or scroll through our website.