The Making of Rebar

Scrap metal recycling to help with the construction of rebar for industries.

The Making of Rebar

Roane Metals Group buys, sells, and salvages ferrous and non-ferrous metals from individuals, as well as from industries. Within our scrap metal re-purposing services, one of the things we provide is taking scrap metal and preparing it to be re-purposed into rebar, and this is one of the most important recycling processes in the world. The scrap metal collected at our sites in Rockwood and Crossville in East Tennessee is taken to another company in Knoxville, Gerdau, and then turned into rebar.

Rebar: Recycled Scrap to Construction Must Have

Reinforcement bar, “rebar,” refers to steel (carbon or alloy) rods that are used when building. These bars are placed inside concrete and brick to support various structures during natural expansion and contraction that occurs over the years due to age, moisture, and changing temperature conditions. Scrap metals are taken from Roane’s scrap department and then melted to a liquid form offsite. Once the metals have been liquified, the steel is then pulled through small openings which give rebar the shape you may be familiar with when used in building. Once the rebar is shaped, it is twisted and grooved, which provides extra ‘stick’ to the concrete during build-out. These rods are then taken from the manufacturer to a job site.

Rebar has been used by construction companies for more than 150 years to create durable and safe buildings and structures. If you have metal from HVACs, automobile repairs, home builds, old sheds, extraneous appliances, and more, we recycle or convert all these metals. We also own a private trucking fleet to pick up and deliver rebar from our processing company to your site.

Roane Metals

Turning unwanted scrap into rebar and saving the environment from over-taxation on landfills is a service we pride ourselves in at Roane Metals Group. To drop off your scrap metals, we have locations are convenient to Knoxville, Morristown, and Chattanooga. To inquire more, Call us at 865-354-4282 or contact us online HERE.