Roane Metals Group Industrial

Roane Metals provides several value-added services that maximize the value of your scrap metals. We provide scrap management services for industrial and manufacturing companies that generate scrap metal as a by-product of their manufacturing operations. Every day, we create, implement, and manage scrap metal recycling solutions that maximize the value of industrial scrap metal producers. We buy and sell recycled materials used to manufacture steel, aluminum, copper, electronics, and more.
Accepting Prompt, Prime, and New Scrap

From metal clippings, to stampings, to turnings, Roane Metals purchases scrap metal from hundreds of sources daily because we offer some of the highest scrap metal prices around. Likewise, aluminum smelters, steel and stainless-steel mills, and brass and copper foundries all benefit from a long-term relationship with Roane Metals.

Industrial Scrap Metal Services

Our company has developed a reputation for being the preferred scrap metal company in the Southeast by providing an array of value-added services, including:

  • Competitive Scrap Pricing
  • Roll-off / Pick-up Services
  • Dump Trailer Services
  • Scrap Value Analysis
  • Customized Reporting

Roane Metals is dedicated to providing these value-added services that maximize the value of your scrap metals. Because we own a private trucking fleet, we can provide your industrial operations with truly customized solutions that meet your transportation and logistic needs. Our managed fleet ensures that we can pick up your scrap in a timely manner. We want to partner with your industrial operation to fuel global growth!

Roane Metals Group at metals recycling center in Tennessee
Roanes Metal Group containers in East Tennessee
Evolving Technologies

Roane Metals employs a wide range of the latest, technologically advanced capital equipment to meet rising consumer demands and improve our industrial partners’ operational, environmental, and health and safety challenges. We process ferrous and non-ferrous metal, using some of the latest identification and sorting technology available in the market today. By continuously innovating we help our industrial scrap metal clients keep up with commodity and end-use market developments.

Scrap Metal Recycling for Manufacturers

Looking to buy scrap metal as a raw material for your production process? We provide scrap metal to mills, foundries, and other manufacturers throughout the United States. Roane Metals can help ensure cost and energy savings for your operation. Scrap metal has become a key feedstock utilized in manufacturing new products worldwide and supplies a significant amount of global raw material.