Scrap Metal Considerations for Global Recycling Day

Scrap Metal Considerations for Global Recycling Day

Last year, first-time events celebrating recycling efforts were hosted on a global level as the United Nations Industrial Development Organization stepped in to support Global Recycling Day as an official holiday. The events surrounding the first Global Recycling Day highlighted the need for partnerships worldwide to advocate and engage communities, businesses, and political entities toward recycling efforts. Since materials recycling occurs locally, our communities must be set up to support global efforts.

Worldwide Participation for Global Recycling Day: March 18, 2019
The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) worked diligently last year to establish Global Recycling Day in 2018. The pervading concept was to encourage partners to think globally while acting locally. In the first event, familiar environmentally sustainable themes arose such as ocean plastics pollution, reducing contamination, and considerations for enhanced recycling methodologies. The mission of the Global Recycling Day initiatives is twofold:

  1. Encourage leaders to make recycling a global matter as it affects all nations
  2. To encourage individuals to think about the planet as full of resource, not waste, with usage of the goods around us – this concept alone is designed to inspire people to repurpose and recycle materials instead of throwing them away

This second mission statement is one centered around the individual, business owners, and community leaders. One of the considerations is to manage the largest quantities of materials needing recycling, which consists of metals, plastics, and paper.

Recycling Materials Lessens the Burdens of Landfill Overflowing

Global population continues to rise, and concerns of overpopulation are being researched, especially in landfill overflow and product waste. Increasing effort for recycling ensures that our planet will not be overtaxed in landfills based upon population growth, which has the largest spike of growth in the last 200 years. Crossing cultural barriers showcased a brilliant way to inspire communication with the challenges of recycling and overfilled landfills.

In metal recycling alone, aluminum is considered to be one of the most prevalent recycled materials. Steel has an overall recycled rate of 88%, making it North America’s most recycled material. In 2017, the scrap industry recycled approximately 170 million metric tons of metals! Imagine the alleviated burden of this on our landfills? Additionally, recycled materials that sit in landfills would amount to over $7 billion dollars in revenue. What if each of us did our part globally, and finally cleared out the scrap metals lying around our homes? The economy would be positively impacted, as the recycling industry generates over $236 billion annually. If you, like so many others have scrap metals lying around, then this Global Recycling Day it might be time to bring them in for recycling.

Roane Metals in Tennessee Recycles Scrap Metals Every Day

Even with this special day approaching, it does not have to be Global Recycling Day in order to get scrap metals recycled. At Roane Metals in East Tennessee, we buy insulated copper, steel, brass, lead/zinc, e-scrap, copper, stainless steel and more on a daily basis for processing and recycling. You can even bring in an old car, appliance, or shed and receive payout the same day when you recycle it! Imagine how space will be left out of the landfill if cars are recycled and imagine the money you can receive for doing good for the environment! We have more information on automobile recycling and how you can successfully salvage your vehicle. We are also committed to commercial and industrial businesses and can ensure that your material are handled in an environmentally responsible manner.

Recycle Scrap Metals at Roane Metals in East and Middle Tennessee

With the upcoming spring, cleaning out sheds, mechanical shops, and your home is probably on your list. Bringing in your metals for recycling is a simple process, and we have two convenient locations to drop of scrap metals within minutes of anywhere in East Tennessee and parts of Middle Tennessee. If you are unsure about the process, pricing, or any other question, do not hesitate to reach out to us today!