The 5 Most Valuable Scrap Metals in Your House

top of an aluminum can which you could scrap for money

The 5 Most Valuable Scrap Metals in Your House

Even though it’s officially June, it’s still not too late to get into some last-minute spring cleaning! If you’re ready to refresh your surroundings, whether it’s a deep clean or maybe a remodeling, you are still going to have to clear out some space in your home. An easy way to do this is by collecting any old scrap metal you may find on the inside and outside of your place. Not only will this give you a little extra cash for décor shopping or other spending needs, but it’s also a great way to make the planet a little greener.

Looking for somewhere to start scrapping around your house? We’ve compiled a list of the 5 most valuable scrap metals that you can find in your own home to help you get started.  

1— Copper 

Taking the slot for the most valuable metal in your home is copper. Scrappers love this metal because of its versatility and high volume usage. With that being said, be mindful of the fact that the scrap copper that you are selling will vary in price depending on the grade of copper that you take to the scrap yard.  

Copper can be found all over your home. Some of the more obvious places to look are in your kitchen and your yard. Copper has an attractive, bronze sheen to it that makes it a great metal to use for crafting pots and pans, picture frames, and yard décor. Another great place to look for scrap copper is in your walls. Copper is often used to make pipes for home plumbing systems and in the wire that makes up your home’s electrical circuits. So, if you’re looking to update your bathroom, kitchen, or lighting in your home this spring, also be sure to look for your scrap copper.  

2— Brass 

Brass is best known for its bright yellow sheen that makes it a great metal for crafting pipes, much like copper, as well as bed frames, doorknobs, faucets, drawer pulls, and other home furnishings. But the real reason why scrappers love brass so much is the fact that it is impervious to rust, which means they can get a better price for this metal when they take it over to the scrap yard.  

You will most likely find brass in the same places that you would find copper, but don’t forget to check out any other small pieces of décor that you would find around your home. And if you have someone in your home who hunts or uses firearms, another unique place to look for brass is the shell casings from the bullets that they use.  


Aluminum is a versatile non-ferrous metal that can be found all over your home—inside and out. Scrappers love to bring aluminum to the metal recycling yard because it is so easy to find; and since this metal doesn’t rust, they are able to get the full price per pound of their scrap metal. Most household products use aluminum in some way. Around your own place, you can look for aluminum on the siding of your home, your fencing, in your window and door frames, as well as your bakeware, cookware, and, of course, any old cans that you might be hanging onto.  

Saving these large pieces of aluminum such as siding, fencing, and gutters can be difficult since they are so bulky, so be sure to find a metal recycling group with a roll off service that can assist you in keeping all your large pieces of aluminum in one place for easy transfer by the scrap yard. Simply put the bin in front of your home, throw your scrap metal in, and wait for the truck to come pick it up and take it to the scrap metal yard for you. You can find out more about our roll off services here.  

4—Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is an alloy of steel and chromium which makes it more resistant to corrosion. Many scrappers prefer to take this type of metal to the scrap yard because they can get higher prices for it than other types of ferrous scrap metal.  

Looking to replace your old washer or dryer? Be sure to look for its stainless steel parts to take to the scrap yard before you toss it. You can also find stainless steel all over your kitchen: appliances, sinks, fixtures, lighting, cookware, knives, scissors, flatware, and other utensils. Once you’ve picked through your kitchen, move onto the bathroom. You can find stainless steel in the faucets in your sink or shower and even in your mirrors.  

5—Cast Iron  

A common fixture in many historic homes, cast iron is a rustic metal that is best known for its ability to trap and hold heat for long periods of time. While it may be the least valuable household scrap metal, what it lacks in price it makes up for in weight. This is why many scrappers won’t pass up on cast iron. The cost per pound of this scrap metal can add up pretty fast, which makes it worth your while to bring it over to the recycling yard.  

Scrap cast iron can be found in certain types of pots, pans, and griddles, obviously. A few old homes may even have a cast iron stove that can be taken to the scrap yard. Some less obvious places to consider looking for cast iron to scrap would be in old bathtubs, radiators, boilers, and pipes. So, if you’re looking to update or clean out your historic home’s bathroom or outdated heating system, chances are that you may come across a lot of scrap cast iron metal that you can sell.  

Selling Your Household Scrap Metal 

Once you have collected all the scrap metal in your home that you wish to sell, take some time to separate all your different types of metal before taking them to a scrap yard. If you don’t separate your scrap metals, the pay rate will be based on the lowest valued piece in your pile.  

Finally, make sure that you are going to a scrap metal recycling group that you trust. At Roane Metals Group, not only do we weigh your pieces using honest scales but we will also work with you to give you the fairest price for your scrap metal. Our organization is dedicated to making sure that you, as our customer, are receiving the quick and convenient service that we know we would want if we were in your shoes. Not to mention, with our nearly 100 years of serving the communities of East and Middle Tennessee, we have backed up this fact with our reputation of trust and respect between our clients through our passion for the environment. And this type of reputation doesn’t just happen overnight, so we can truly say that our staff is the most experienced, the most honest, and the most understanding in the business. Come see for yourself today at one of our two locations in Rockwood or Crossville, Tennessee, or visit our website to learn more about scrap metal recycling and all the services we have to offer you at Roane Metals Group.