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Roane Metals Group is so much more than a metal recycling facility or local scrap dealer. Sure, we buy, sell, and salvage metal but we also strive to be stewards in environmentalism and take great pride in ensuring a cleaner, greener tomorrow for our East Tennessee community.

We buy ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal directly from the public, as well as, from industrial and commercial scrap metal sellers. While curbside recycling programs are a fantastic addition to any municipality, we step in with higher value scrap metal such as copper, lead, and aluminum. If it’s metal, there’s a good chance we recycle it.

Save the environment and get paid in the process? For selling scrap metal, Roane Metals Group is the logical solution to get the highest pay for your metal sales, whether you are looking to make some extra cash from your recyclable aluminum cans or wanting to sell an old automobile or appliance.



Individuals & Groups looking for metal recycling can expect the highest scrap metal prices from Roane Metal Group.


Commercial companies partner with Roane Metals to help the environment while converting scrap metal into cash for your business.


Major Industrial companies can improve your profitability by partnering with Roane Metals Group to improve manufacturing safety, all while reducing waste and disposals costs.

Metal Recycling Pays Off

Did you know that if recycled properly, the recyclable materials currently sitting in US landfills would amount to over $7 billion? Did you also know that the entire US recycling industry generates over $236 billion annually?

Roane Metals Group offers you the ability, whether person or company, to get in on the action without having to start your own metals recycling company! By buying the full spectrum of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal, you can trade almost any metal, from old cars to railroad tracks into cash with ease.

Additionally, our highly trained staff, combined with honest weights, are our secret weapons in maximizing your scrap metal rates and payout. We can honestly say with confidence that our rates are competitive with some of the highest market rates for your scrap metal anywhere in Knoxville.

How It Works:

Try out our recycling services to discover how easy it is for our professional, customer focused staff to quickly and conveniently take your scrap metal and turn it into cash.

    1. Bring in your scrap metal. This can be anything from aluminum cans to lead batteries. Feel free to call ahead if you have an item not listed on our list of recyclable items!
    2. Weigh-In. Our highly precise scales ensure accurate readings for small, personal trucks up to large industrial vehicles.
    3. Get paid top scrap metal prices in cash. With nearly 100 years of experience, you can count on your recycling trip to be quick and pain-free.
      *subject to Tennessee scrap metal laws

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do You Determine Scrap Prices?

We offer highly competitive scrap metal prices when buying your scrap and work to ensure our customers get the most money for their scrap metal.  To determine scrap prices, we use current market prices for metals, industry demand, and quantity.

Does Roane Metals Group Offer Pickup?

Yes. For commercial customers or large quantities of residential scrap we can provide roll off services. Contact us by phone to make roll off service arrangements.

What Types of Metals Do You Accept?

Roane Metal Group buys a large variety of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals including aluminum, copper, brass, lead, zinc, steel, e-scrap, and much more.

Can I Recycle Metals that I Can't Identify?

Our staff is expertly trained in the identification of metals and operation of analytical instruments used to identify metal composition.

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